There's never been a better time to organise a fundraising pie drive with the famous Phil Maney Pie Company's Pies! With quality nutritional ingredients it has to be a great alternative to the same old choc bars!!!!

Fundraising with Phil Maney Pie Company is a wonderful, fresh alternative to traditional fundraising methods. Instead of having to work hard to sell products that no-one really wants, delicious Phil Maney Pie Company products will practically sell themselves – everyone loves stocking their freezer with our famous “home-baked” style pies, pasties sausage rolls cakes etc.

How to Fundraise and make so real money with Phil Maney Pie Company’s products

First Step

Book a date for your Pie Drive by calling Phil Maney Pie Company on 1300PIEMAN (1300743626)

Second Step

TWO weeks before your pie drive date, distribute a copy of the Phil Maney Pie Company order form to every member of your organisation. Ask members to obtain orders from family & friends and return the form to you within 2 weeks.

Third Step

SEVEN days before your pie drive date, tally the total pie quantities and email your total order through to phil@philmaneypies.com

Fourth Step

On the date of your pie drive, your pies will be delivered to you FREE in Phil Maney Pie Company’s own refrigerated van at your chosen time. Depending on the size of your pie drive, you may like to organise a few friends to help you divide up the pies into individual orders, ready for collection by your members.

Below is our Year 2009 price list (GST inclusive) of the products we find most successful in Pie Drives. The first column is the retail price we charge in our shop. The second price is our suggested Pie Drive price which is about halfway between your buying price and our retail price leaving a good profit margin . The third column is the price we will be charging you. And the last column shows your profit margin.

For more information contact:

FAMILY PIES ARE HUGE (not average supermarket size)  OURS ARE AVERAGE 1 KG PLUS !!!!!!

Product Per Single Serve Unit
(F) Chunky Beef Pies
(F) Steak and Onion
(F) Steak and Mushroom
(F) Steak and Tomato
(F) Pepper Steak
(F) Steak and Bacon
(F) Curried Chicken
(F) Gourmet Chicken
(F) Egg Bacon and Cheese
Savoury Rolls (vegetarian)
Farmhouse Pies
Potato Pies
Egg bacon and Cheese Savouries
Pasties (vegetarian)
Pasties Traditional
Party Pies
Sausage Rolls
Scallop Pies (In Season)
Cauliflower and Cheese
(F) Denotes available in Family Pies HUGEEE over 1 KG each !!!!!